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Toyota reach trucks

toyota_reachReach trucks are a central feature of many storage and distribution systems, for stacking and horizontal transport. The BT Reflex series of reach trucks from Toyota Material Handling sets the standard for the sector with outstanding performance, excellent driving qualities and a good name as far as safety and reliability are concerned.

The Reflex series offers a range of reach trucks with AC motors in order to meet your specific needs. For lifting applications at a great height, there is the Reflex E series of reach trucks with an adjustable cabin in order to reduce the strain of the neck and shoulders of the operator. There are also cold-store models available, like the side-loader Freflex for long loads and conventional pallets.

In all these situations, Toyota’s exclusive pro-reach system, guarantees optimal performance, safety and all-round efficiency.

The designation PRO-REACH system refers to many different aspects which by themselves deliver a clear advantage for users of Toyota reach trucks:

thanks to unprecedented ease of operation and unrivalled features.

PRO-grammable performance
which makes exceptional flexibility possible within a wide range of applications.

PRO-gressive ergonomics
by recognising that operating comfort is the key to productivity and creating harmony between man and machine.

PRO-motion of safety
through the understanding that safety must always be a priority and the active protection of both the operator and his colleagues in the workplace.

PRO-fitable investment based
on the simple fact that each buyer of a reach truck wants a truck which permits them to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently, while keeping costs to a minimum.

PRO-fessional choice
the guarantee that all the aforementioned factors complement one another, making Toyota reach trucks the first choice of every professional.

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