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GT Handpallettruck

Mobile & compact, ideal for your warehouse! The GT hand-pallet truck GTH 22 is extremely manoeuvrable – even in the smallest spaces - thanks to its short frontal extension. The shape of the shafts and the standard quick lift guarantee simple and, above all, fast operation. Other features include outstanding stability and a long life span. With more than 70 varieties of wheels and fork lengths, we will certainly have a truck suitable for your needs!


Higher comfort
– the shaft has been developed according to the latest ergonomic insights. As a result, the machine can be operated equally well by left and right-handers.

Better handling
– stepless lowering of loads. The advantage of this is the delicate handling of fragile goods.

More metal
– this leads to a strengthened shaft which allows one to break safely while carrying a load. The point which lifts all the loads satisfies the most stringent of requirements.

Wonderful design
– a newly developed design giving improved stability.

More room
– thanks to the extremely short frontal extension, the total length of the hand-pallet truck is quite small. The advantage of this is that less room is needed when shunting.

High manoeuvrability

– the turning circle is reduced thanks to the steering system. The advantage of this is that once can also work safely in narrow spaces!

Greater safety
– flexible plastic shock strips on both sides of the hand-pallet truck. Injuries to legs and feet are avoided during shunting.

Highly attractive design

– the load-bearing wheel axle is covered. The axle and bearings are protected against outside dirt and damage.

More fine-tuning
– easily accessible control valve. All hydraulic functions can be easily adjusted, even after long-term use.

Higher quality

– connections are made with high-quality bushing, the advantage of which is that it is maintenance-free and has a long life span. Breakdown-free, low-noise usage is guaranteed.

More power

– 2200kg carrying capacity and with the stronger model optional up to 3000kg. This means flexibility for each usage. A constant level of quality is guaranteed thanks to its manufacture in ultra-modern factories (ISO 9001). More profile Newly developed fork design. This gives the forks greater firmness when the weight of the pallet truck is reduced. Higher precision The punched drive-in markings indicates the exact point for the sideways lifting of euro pallets. This creates safe, easy and precise pallet handling. Greater speed Adjustable entrance rolls in combination with the load wheel. This makes quicker entrance and exit of sideways lifted pallets possible. The punched markings in the fork punts simplify the driving into pallets when vision is obscured.

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